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The Joy of Christmas & Birthdays!


I LOVE December!  The holidays are such a great time to spend with family and friends, where everyone gets to unplug, and be present.  This year December brings a big Birthday for my Dad, who will be coming home to the states since he lives abroad.  It is also a big Birthday for my fur kid, Josie.  It will be 3 years ago this December 14th , that my precious little bundle of joy came into my life and changed my heart forever.


As a pet parent, I feel like there is nothing more fun than celebrating your dog’s "gotcha day" or birthday, and having it in December, when everyone is up for a party-makes for some fun themes…let’s face it-No party is complete without a theme. However, this year with so much tragedy that has happened in the world, I will be doing a “Give Back or Exchange” party with a few options for Josie's fur friends to chose from:


1. Pet Adoption and Rescue: No silly-even though this is a time when many pets get adopted for Christmas gifts and so many are rescued, I am talking about asking guests to bring: gently used blankets, towels or cans of food that will be donated to our local shelter or rescue- This way it’s a gift that keeps on giving and keeping other, less fortunate pets, warm with full tummies.


2. Doggy Toy Exchange Party: Have you ever attended a clothing exchange party? Where people get together and bring their gently used clothing to exchange with their friends? Well, why not do this with the toys your dog doesn’t play with? You and your friends can bring toys that your dog no longer plays with and see if other dogs find them more interesting. It'll be a barking good time!


3. Another option would be purchasing The Barkens Holiday Bucket   This bucket includes a collection of six high-quality dog toys from Hartz Pets, delivered to your home in a reusable bucket perfect for storing toys, food, and other dog supplies. Each Barken Bucket sale benefits Pilots N Paws to further assist their work in life-saving transports and rescue missions is an added bonus. Pilots N Paws is a volunteer organization connecting pilots with other rescue groups to transport dogs in need to safe havens. This way if you do wish to buy gifts-look for ones that have a great cause attached as well. I am also a huge fan of


Christmas has many meanings, but for me it’s a time of year to be thankful, and grateful. I am forever Thankful for Josie, who has brought so many new people into my life (ask me about the connections I have made at the park).  She has also inspired many ways I can make a difference in other pets lives. This holiday season, I hope you get time to enjoy the season, spend quality time with your fur kids and family, make memories… and of course-takes lots of pictures and videos.


Always try to rescue when pawsible


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