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April is time to celebrate lots of things, and one of my favorite is on NATIONAL PET PARENTS DAY. National Pet Parents Day has been  observed annually on the last Sunday in April since 2008. There is a very special connection, a unique bond between a fur kid, and their owner/pawrent. This unique relationship is one I am forever grateful for. As a Pet Parent, I have a community of friends locally, and Internationally on Instagram.  It's amazing to see all the love so many people have for their pets from funny videos, to cute pics, to breeds I have never seen. I can't tell you how just having Josie by my side when I am out and about how many people just talk to me. Everyone pretty much has a great story to tell of their favorite pet, or tell me about their dog.


There is a lot of responsibility being a Pet Parent (Fur Mom-Fur Dad) as unlike kids that grow up, and can do things on their own-our fur kid will always look to you for feeding, water, the daily picking up poop, and in return will provide unconditional love. Being a dog parent also takes commitment. I am very lucky to say-people always ask how I have such a calm-good dog. It takes work, and sacrifice on my part-knowing what my girl needs daily. She needs to get out in the morning, and evening to get out of the condo, walk, play fetch, play with other dogs or go to the park. This means many times my personal workouts get cut short, and you just truly need to plan accordingly. If this is not an option due to work-there are such amazing options with doggy day care, or people you can hire to walk your dogs that are vetted.  I am truly a proud Dog Mom, and wish all you other fur parents out there a very Happy Pet Parent day. If you have an Instagram-please connect-we love to follow.


Easter is also celebrated in April in our family, and although dogs should not eat chocolate -doing fun things like hide and seek can be quite fun with your dog.  Josie loves to wait while I go hide things-toys stuffed animals, and dogs love stimulation. They get to be part of the fun-just in a different way. Dogs also love scrambled eggs-just remember no butter or salt. I love Easter and Josie got to wear her pearls I purchased from //carolinablackdog.com/ Yes-I purchased pearls for my girl-I mean every girl needs a string or strings of pearls.  We had a great Easter holiday, and I took a lot of fun pictures and always hard to just decide on my top 3, but hope you enjoy what I have chosen. Which is your favorite-shoot me an email and let me know, or share a pic of your fur kid on Easter.


Be part of the solution-not part of the problem-Don't Shop-Adopt, or Rescuse when Pawsible.






Dawn McCarthy


Happy National "PAWrent" Day

Dawn McCarthy  April 2019





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