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Spring Travel Goods

Dawn McCarthy • April 10, 2019 • Good Day Sacramento


Dawn McCarthy brings us some great “Travel Products & Goods for Spring Break” . brings us some great “Travel Products & Goods for Spring Break.”


Parakito- When you buy PARA’KITO™, not only do you buy the worldwide leader in natural mosquito protection, you buy freedom in the most eco-friendly way possible. With a unique blend of essential oils, patented slow-release technology and super-smart product design, PARA’KITO™ products offer the ultimate protection in a stylish way. parakito.com




PlaneAire- PlaneAire™ Surface & Air Purifying Travel Mist is a revolutionary sanitizer that is your natural line of defense from the countless germs in airplanes and on surfaces everywhere you travel. The potent, lab tested plant-based germ-killer contains a proprietary formulation of 100% pure certified organic essential oils and organic fruit-derived ingredients that are the most effective combination for sanitizing surfaces and the air. One spray kills 99.99% of illness-causing bacteria, so you can stay germ-free all flight long. planeaire.com




Croon- Did you know one disposable face cleansing wipe takes 100 years to decompose? ​croon is a line of reusable cleansing and exfoliating pads that helps bring back your natural radiance through only its fibers and water (no chemicals, no other products!). These cleansing and exfoliating pads mechanically (vs. chemically!) work to remove make-up, oils, and sebum hidden deep inside your pores. All fibers are machine washable and last up to 200 washes (about 2 years), replacing disposable face wipes that take up to 100 years each to decompose. justcroon.com



T-Mobile’s Beats- The perfect gadget for your spring travel is T-Mobile’s Beats Solo3 Wireless Earphones. You’ll enjoy up to 40 hours of incredibly crisp sound. Plus, with the T-Mobile ONE plan, you’ll enjoy unlimited data whether you’re traveling in the U.S. or abroad. So go ahead and enjoy your favorite music streaming service without the guilt. Head to T-Mobile.com or T-Mobile stores nationwide to purchase. t-mobile.com



Traveler’s Choice-Living up to its name, Traveler's Choice has maintained its rank as a top supplier of quality luggage and travel goods for more than 30 million happy travelers around the world. Based in Los Angeles with additional locations in Shanghai, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, the premium travelware company acts as both manufacturer and distributor of a diverse selection of award-winning luggage, backpacks, duffels, garment bags, and travel accessories. travelerchoice.com










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