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Well it's that time of year where we color eggs, eat chocolate and hide plastic eggs filled with treats .  Josie personally loves for me to hide things so she can find them, but plastic eggs-not good for dogs-but are real eggs ?  Being a First Time Fur Mom, I have learned there are many benefits and myths when it comes to feeding your dog eggs.  I hope the below helps you make your own decision on what you feel is best for your dog during this fun filled holiday.

The simple answer to "if dogs can have eggs" is...YES,...however, there are some restrictions on eating eggs; especially if your dog has a pre-existing condition or diabetic so...Just like us, or anyone else writing blogs on subjects on what to feed your dog-you should always check with your vet first.

I personally like to  scramble a full egg and the yolk for Josie- yes, I include the yoke- it's fine. When scrambling eggs for your dog-no salt, pepper or spices. I try to include one a week for Josie as she is not a foodie kind of dog, and this helps her get extra nutrients that are good for her. Eggs are one of the most complete sources of amino acids, the building blocks of protein and Eggs are a good source of all the below:

       * Vitamin A

       *  Riboflavin

       *  Folate

       *  Vitamin B12

       *  Iron

       *   Selenium

       *   Fatty Acids

You can also give your dog hard boiled eggs (if you have left over after making egg salad) and even raw.  This is where it gets tricky and more complicated and have to be mindful on where the eggs come from and how they may have been treated. You can even use the shells of eggs if grinded to a powder and sprinkle over there food for healthy benefits.  For me, I am sticking to scrambling, or hard boiled as a treat and added nutrition.


Lastly, April is also host to  National Pet ID week.  This is a great reminder to make sure your dog has a Pet ID tag as well as being micro-chipped.  Make sure all your information is up to date.  Some may ask-My dog is chipped-I don't need a tag-well that is false. Dog tags are also necessary. Although microchips contain important information and can last 25 years without be recharged or replaced, they should not be used as a replacement to dog tags or dog collars with your contact information. As a responsible pet owner, it is advised that you take all necessary steps to ensure that your pet can be easily identified if lost. Microchips are not perfect, but they do increase the chances of your lost dog being safely returned to your care.  Just remember, accidents occur, doors get left open, mother nature sometimes has a mind of it's own,.... here in California Fires can occur and things happen quickly. You can get cute tags online, or a local PetSmart ,and for under $15.00 in most cases, well worth the piece of mind and added safety measure.

So enjoy April and take the time to make sure your contact information is all up to date on your fur kid! Don't forget to Adopt-Don't Shop!



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Dawn's Corner 2015 | All rights reserved

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