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Countdown to the Holidays

Dawn McCarthy • Dec. 19, 2019 • Good Things Utah


Dawn McCarthy is here with some great products for "Countdown to the Holidays."


Purple- Sleep and feel better with the world’s first Purple + Gravity Weighted Blanket with dual-sided technology. Choose the cozy or the cool side and snuggle up in 35 pounds of comfort any time of the year. For a truly relaxing experience, bundle up with the Purple + Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask.




Swabbies Supreme Diaper Cream- The patented design of the applicator is such that it can be applied with one hand. Not only will Swabbies allow for one hand to remain free, but its design also reduces and almost eliminates any messy applications. Because the sponge applicator is a part of the original design, the person administering the treatment will not need to put any of the cream on their hands, unlike all other diaper creams on the market. This aspect of the product is most appealing when in a rush, traveling, concerned about sanitary purposes or on the go. Campbell developed Swabbies out of necessity. Being a single mother of three children, she experienced years of diaper changes and wrangling squirming babies. She was desperate for a free and clean hand at the end of diaper changes. This is what inspired her to create an herbal, pure, and organic diaper cream with maximum zinc oxide combined with a no mess, one-handed recyclable or disposable diaper cream applicator.


STUNN Collective- STUNN AM + PM go beyond the surface with clinically proven ingredients that stimulate the deepest layers of your skin to boost collagen, replenish aging cells and amplify radiance while restoring your mind providing a sense of positivity and tranquility.




Trollbeads (Jewelry)- Trollbeads Jewelry was the first jewelry brand to create the bead-on-bracelet jewelry concept. Trollbeads believes every story has a bead. Each bead reflects a meaningful moment in life, a personal accomplishment or a special memory. The brand offers both women’s and men’s jewelry including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and more. All of their jewelry is handcrafted by professional artisans and each piece can be fully customized, ensuring you have a one-of-a-kind piece. The brand just recently launched their 2019 Winter Collection.


Semper Smart Games (Election Night!)- Election Night! is a new, award-winning board game that will teach your kids valuable information they should know as they battle to become president. Great for game nights, family play, or in the classroom!

From exercising your math skills to learning U.S. geography & the mechanics of the electoral college. Lock down quick victories in small states or work for longer-term objectives in larger states on your way to gaining the 270 electoral votes you need to become president!


Simplay3 - Simplay3 brings laughter and ease to life with products that have simple and smart designs, tackling everyday needs from children's play to home and garden. The Carry & Go Farm from Simplay3 is a farmhouse for toddlers and preschoolers. It’s lightweight and has an easy carry handle, making it simple to take the play anywhere your child’s imagination goes! The Sharing Library from Simplay3 inspires a love for sharing and making a positive impact in your community. Whether it’s books, food items, letters to Santa or mittens and scarves for those less fortunate, this is a smart economical option for a drop box exchange to meet your needs.




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Dawn's Corner 2015 | All rights reserved

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