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This is truly the happiest month of the year.  First-it's my #Gotcha Day, BARKday, Christmas, and New Year. My Gotch Day and Barkday are celebrated on December 14th.  That was the first night I took Josie home for the night, and she became forever mine.  I think she was born in November, but since I really have no idea-we celebrate her turning 4 this year, and the day that changed my life for the better. Someday-(maybe sooner than later) I will write a book on being a First Time Fur Mom.  I truly do learn so much every month thru research, and want to put it all together in one place.  Stay tuned-may add author to my title someday.


BARKday's have truly become a "Thing".  For many fur moms and dads, it's a day that people throw Paw-ty's at parks, or their homes, or in the Instagram world-you should see some of the gifts some fur parents get each other.  Josie truly has many fur friends, and it's a great time to just whip up a batch of home made treats- (actually put a recipe on a blog last month with just a few ingredients) and bring them to the park.  As you can see with the picture attached-Josie was in full form with a crown and a bow this year thanks to // for her Birthday bow, and //  for her crown.  Have you ever checked out Cuddly?  If not-you need to. Josie and I had the pleasure of featuring them on our "Santa Paws" segment this year for the holidays on KCAL9-CBS in Los Angeles.  We were so excited to do a full segment just for the fur kids for the holidays. The picture attached is Josie seated at the news desk, and we posted some more pics on our social media. What is Cuddly you ask?  A pet registry for your pet-like parents do for their new borns. So, when you adopt a pet or rescue you can do a registry for all the things you need.  Truly makes gift giving easy and in addition-you can help other animals who need aid.  It's one of my new favorite sites.  Go check it out.


This year, my Dad (Opa) will be home for Christmas, and Josies favorite person to sleep and snuggle with when he comes into town from Spain.  She dumps me like a hot potato to go be with him.  She does come check on me early in the morning, but for the most part loves to keep him company and safe.  We lost my Stepmom in July-so I think she knows he needs extra love.  Another magical thing to watch on how intuitive our pets are. Another blog for another day.  This year for the holidays, we will be giving back to a local shelter some blankets and food like always, and hoping many other animals find their forever homes.  Lastly-it's New Years.  For us it's another year in the books and for dogs is it like 7? We are pretty mellow for the New Year as to be honest-hard to stay up late since we are morning people.  This year ahead, we hope to continue doing what we are doing, add some new cool tricks, and really get good at liking water since Josie likes to hike and get dirty. We are blessed, and will continue to be present when at the park-where I do take most of my IG videos, and I am going to try and start doing some exercised in between throws- I will keep you posted how that goes.


Thank you for another year of reading my monthly blog, reaching out via emails and following us on Instagram.  If we are not connected-reach out and let me know you read our blog and happy to add another friend.  Wishing everyone continued happiness.


As always, rescue or adopt when PAWsible.


Dawn McCarthy


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