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Let's get this PAWty started with a New Year's Day walk........ because- January is National Walk Your Pet Month! This day is meant to bring awareness to the importance of walking your dog. Pet PAWrents who fail to walk there dog as often as they should add to the increasing problem of dog behavior issues, and canine obesity.


Walking your dog is much more than just a reason to get out of the house. It has a numerous amount of health benefits for you and your fur kid.  If your dog's energy isn't released, then it's extremely likely for some bad behavior to occur and constant bugging. Having a tired dog will cause them to be calm and relaxed! Good for you and your home-especially if you work from home!


I always get asked what's my secret to Josie being so good.  I always respond with-I give her the time she needs to allow me the time I need.  I know it's so busy in the morning (trust me), but it's so important to get your dog out in the morning not only to do their business, but in case you have to work, or be out all day.  Walking them will get them tired so they don't look for other things to do while you are away. It's also important, just like humans-the better weight your dog is-the longer life they will live.  Unlike humans, dogs don't realize that they are gaining wait since they cannot go to the gym, or attend yoga classes alone- it's your goal to get them in shape! Walks, Hikes or some Park time will allow your dog to walk off the pounds and aid in lengthening the life of your dog! I want Josie to live a long life, so I do my best to get her out at least twice a day (morning and evening), but mandatory once a day. I could go on and on about the benefits, and how even walking Josie I have made a ton of friends- including her bestie Gracie who had to have a blood transfusion this month, and it was very scary. I have included my favorite picture of us, when I went to visit when she got out of the hospital.  She now has an autoimmune disease and has to take medicine, but she is going to be o.k which makes me happy as I miss our walks together.  Having a buddy also keeps you accountable-just like us-it's helpful to have a walking buddy or friends to meet up with.  Socialization is good for you and the fur kids.


This month Josie also had a little time at the vet.  She had some eye gunk, and a hurt paw, and truly appreciated all my Instagram friends who were so kind in keeping in touch and checking in. Speaking of-if we are not connected on Instagram-please follow me and I will follow back. The more fur friends the better. I also learned about making sure you always TRY to see the same Vet, and what a difference it makes when the Vet you are seeing truly knows your dog. So, Cheers to a wonderful 2019, and to all the adventures and good times ahead.


Be part of the solution-not part of the problem. Don't Shop-Adopt or Rescue when PAWsible!



Dawn McCarthy


Happy BARK Year 2019-

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Dawn's Corner 2015 | All rights reserved

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