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Dawn McCarthy • July 23, 2019 • Great Day Houston


Dawn McCarthy s excited to showcase us the latest in Tech Goods.


Miracle-Gro® Twelve™ Indoor Growing System -The new Miracle-Gro® Twelve™ Indoor Growing System allows users to grow fresh plants and herbs, year-round, straight from the kitchen or living room. The system fits up to four plants at once, like lettuce, kale, basil, and mint. It’s designed to blend seamlessly with home décor and features steel legs designed for durability – and can even be stacked using the Miracle-Gro® Twelve™ Stacking Kit (sold separately). This product is even Bluetooth-connected, this feature combined with the Miracle Gro® Twelve™ App notifies users when the water is low, sends feeding reminders and can even control the LED grow lights. Purchase online at miraclegrotwelve.com  or on Amazon or at westelm.com.


Airthings Wave Mini The Wave Mini is small in size but big in impact. As the latest addition to Airthings’ growing ecosystem of indoor air quality monitors, the Wave Mini provides a simple overview of your air quality with insights into three critical, non-radon air components: total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs), temperature, and humidity, allowing you to visualize any changes in air quality or comfort levels in every room of your home – all while coming in at a cost-friendly price. airthings.com



CM Translator from Cheetah Mobile Inc. (CMCM) is now available to purchase on Indiegogo.com  CM Translator features an easy-to-use "One Click - One World" one-button design, ultra-long battery life with 180 days of standby time and 24 hours of continuous use per charge, and support for six languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai. indiegogo.com



My Dermatician-from Dermastart is the new and trending dermal sonic cleanser dedicated to aesthetic technology innovation. This new vibrating sonic care cleansing brush is a five speed, wireless, waterproof, and portable device that was made for effective cleaning for all skin care needs. After setting the desired speed, pulsations are channeled through soft silicone touch-points, removing dead skin cells, and cleansing pores of dirt, oil, and left over makeup residue. This vibrating technology dislodges embedded everyday dirt and grime to reveal healthy, soft, radiant, and smooth looking skin. dermastart.com



ReadeREST Coming in many styles, ReadeREST is the magnetic accessory that fits on all clothing. This product is perfect for holding one’s glasses, badges, or wires such as earbuds. A Shark Tank success story, this product works for anyone of any age. Along with this magnetic accessory, the creators of ReadeREST have come out with a stylish line of blue blocker reading glasses. Fused with blue light blocking technology, these glasses come in all different colors and styles fit for any personality while protecting all eyes from those harsh blue lights exposed from cell phones, computers, and television sets.  readerest.com




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Dawn's Corner 2015 | All rights reserved

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