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It's July and that means Fireworks, Fires and a reminder to ID your pet this month!  When Josie was a puppy-we took her to a firework show (not up close, but to watch from a park area) as I thought it would help get Josie get used to loud noises so she would not be one of those afraid dogs who bolted during the 4th of July, or a car back-firing. We held her close in our arms and things seemed great-it was easy too as she was only about 7lbs as well. The next year when she was 2-we brought her again, as some friends were bring their dogs too, and experienced first-hand how a dog would run away-some dogs didn't care and just ate their bones, and Josie was clearly uncomfortable no matter who was holding her.  I immediately removed myself from the situation, and glad I did as another friends dog took off when the fireworks went off and we were able to get to a car and pick her up and get her safely back home. As you know-the 4th is the biggest day of the year for dogs to run away, and there are so many options these days to keep your pet safe- so do your research with vets, day care facilities, or other friends and family that may just be staying home-to watch your fur kid.

With that said, the 1st of July is a good reminder-as let's face it we may laugh at these designated dog holidays-but makes me take note at least once a year to make sure I update all Josie's information and tags. I mark my calendar for July to get her a new tag, and make sure I have her registration renewed as well with those tags.  In my area, they are big on making sure your dog is registered with the city and if not-a very big fine.  Being a First Time Fur mom-this was something I had to learn.  I just assumed when I micro chipped Josie that she was registered-not the case.  For me-I had to go to a local shelter when you can register your pet-provide information that all their shots are up to date and they have been spade/neuter.  Who knew?  I had found out through a friend who was walking their dog and was stopped and fine.  I was thankful this information was provided to me and was a little disappointed with all the puppy classes I took, vet visits I went to-no one told me I need to register her as well.  Good news-it's now done and not very expensive compared to what the fine could be so make sure you also have that tag!

Lastly, I had the pleasure of attending Super Zoo at the end of June in Las Vegas.  This is one of the biggest Pet Expos in the United States and I can't wait to share all the goodies on my Instagram of products I found, and things I bought.  The biggest thing that seemed to be everywhere was CBD oil for your dog-it was in biscuits, oil, food, and almost anything you could think of.  I still need to do my research, but was the "it" word.  I was also able to go behind the scenes and see dog stylists doing Art on dogs with designs I never thought possible.  It truly was a experience to remember.

Always try to adopt or rescue when pawsible,



Happy 4th of July & Super Zoo

Dawn McCarthy July 2018





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Dawn's Corner 2015 | All rights reserved

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