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Spring Essentials for Springtime & Spring Break

Dawn McCarthy • March 3, 2019 • KCAL9- Los Angeles


Dawn McCarthy is excited to get us ready for Spring Time & Spring Break.



VitaCup’s Slim Blend pods use gourmet coffee infused with powerhouse vitamins and superfoods. Garcinia cambogia, Ginseng, and vitamins B1, B5, B6, B9, and B12 help boost energy and metabolism, as well as help you stay fuller, longer! Available at every Sprouts, this blend is the perfect complement to your diet and fitness routine.




Hotspot Shield enables secure and private access to the world's information for everyone. Hotspot Shield keeps hackers, cybercriminals, and other information thieves at bay by masking a user’s browsing history from their Internet providers. Hotspot Shield masks users’ browsing histories from their internet providers and allows those under oppressive regimes evade state-level censorship.



Wolo Protein WanderBar- Go around the world or around the block with the only protein bar made to travel. With antioxidants to boost immunity, fiber to aid in digestion, plus 15 grams of energy-producing protein all in a bar that’s not covered in chocolate and won’t crumble! WanderBars are 100% Soy and Gluten free.  Get yours today by going to




Essentia Water-The Gjemeni couch is engineered to adopt more than a dozen different positons for unprecedented levels of comfort, convenience and flexibility. Its thoughtful design includes attention to detail such as convenient, built-in charging ports. Gjemeni incorporates a stainless steel frame and is built to the highest standards of manufacturing integrity.



LectroFan Micro 2 is a portable sleep sound machine and Bluetooth speaker. To relax and sleep, users can choose from 11 unique, non-looping digital sounds: 5 fan sounds, 4 brown and pink noises, and 2 ocean sounds. In Bluetooth mode, users can listen to music, conference calls, and other streaming audio.




Drop Stop- Proven to reduce Driver Distraction; endorsed by AAA and Police Departments across the country. Designed to fit snugly around the seat belt catch, so stays anchored and moves back and forth with the seat. Constructed from high grade neoprene (wetsuit material). Durable, flexible, non-flammable, liquid and stain resistant.













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Dawn's Corner 2015 | All rights reserved

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