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March is my Brother's Birthday, Josies Dog Dad's Birthday, St. Patrick's Day and Rattle Snake training month in my area!


So, when Josie was one year's old-She took her first Rattle Snake Avoidance class in Oak Park, California with // as we are right up against the mountains, and we like to hike-Fast forward to 3 years later, and we are taking our 3rd class.


If you know me-I am not a fan of snakes, but entering into their home-we need to be prepared. On March 16th 2019-Josie went for her 3rd Rattlesnake avoidance training class held this year in Agoura Hills, at the //  I was a nervous fur mom as real snakes are used for the training, and you hand your dog over to the professionals who basically warn your dog with a shock so they know to avoid.  You should also take your dog two years consecutively, and due to travel when she was two-forgot to go, so needed to make this year happen. I was more worried than Josie, and shared videos on her Instagram-but if you live in areas where you hike and rattlesnakes live, this is something I felt I wanted her to know to stop, or go around if we encounter one.... and she that's another This is not for everyone or dog owner, and like anything always pros & cons to training like this, but living where I do and knowing we will encounter one once it truly gets hot-this was money well spent in my book.

St. Patrick's Day! Yes- as you can see from the picture of Josie-I am proud to be Irish-so photo shoot time.  Josie has so many Fur friends on Instagram, and we all have so much fun celebrating holidays, and trust me-they were way more creative than me. If we are not connected on Instagram-lets connect-happy to always follow back.

I mentioned it was my brothers Birthday- he and his wife have two Jack Russells-Faith & Fergus.  They are so cute, and I hope to have Josie meet them someday as Josie has some Jack Russell in her too. They have a ton of energy and my job to find toys that can last longer than 10 minutes without being destroyed.  Josies Dad celebrates his Birthday as well, and Josie will run across a huge park to see him, stand on her two legs to give him a kiss-she can bring in the mail so is a great card deliverer too. She has a very special bond with her Daddy letting him hold her in ways no one else can.  So, March-you were charming and fun-now onto April.

Be part of the solution-not part of the problem-Don't Shop-Adopt or Rescuse when Pawsible.




My Lucky Charm- "Josie"

Dawn McCarthy  March 2019




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Dawn's Corner 2015 | All rights reserved

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