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So, we all know I like to hike with Josie, and since our fires last year there has been lots of growth in our hills and lots of Foxtails.  I am always good about checking Josie in general after hikes for ticks etc, but noticed while playing fetch with her a day later after our hike-ontop of her paw was red and irritated. I of course googled it, and everything under the sun came up so I decided to take her to the vet to have her checked out. Dr. Jason Sweitzer looked at her paw-told me it could be a foxtail, but let's try this medicine for a few days, and if it does not work-bring her right back, and we will cut it open to see since Foxtails can be so dangerous. Unfortunately, it did not get better and back to the vet we went at //  in Thousand Oaks.  Josie really likes Dr. Sweitzer, and he carried her back-(since she could not walk all of the sudden), and within 10 minutes came back and showed me the Foxtail.  I was so relived we solved the problem, and she would get better, but felt so guilty I had not done a better job checking.  I wish Josie would wear some booties to help prevent this-but I don't know about you, but if you ever tried putting on dog boots on your dog-you would have thought Josie lost a leg. Another lesson learned, and including pictures in hopes that if you see this on your dog-to go get it checked out immediately.  Everyone kept telling me they thought it was an allergy-or from the grass, but when in doubt-get a professional opinion.


May is my Birthday month, Mother's Day or what I like to call Fur Mom Day, and time to make sure your Pet is chipped.  If they are chipped-go by your vets office and make sure all is good by having them run the wand over your dog where the chip was inserted to make sure all the numbers pop up.  They will normally do it for free too. It gives me peace of mind. We are also happy this month as Josies Opa is here visiting from Barcelona, and that means lots of walks.  She has been such a blessing to my Dad (Opa) since my Stepmom passed away and makes sure to sleep with him every night (put him to bed), lick his sweat after he works out, and sit as close as possible so he knows she is there. She lets him know when Fed-X or UPS has arrived to go check the door too. I truly feel dogs sense things, and she sensed from his first visit last year-something in him was sad and he needed extra love.  Dogs truly are amazing creatures and seeing is believing. A friend also had heart surgery and she just knew to be gentle-and just lay next to her.  Do you have a fun story to share-let me know-shoot me an email.


Be part of the solution-not part of the problem-Don't Shop-Adopt, or Rescuse when Pawsible.






Dawn McCarthy


Fox Tails & Vet visits

Dawn McCarthy May 2019




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