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Tick Tock-Let’s Holiday Shop

Dawn McCarthy • Nov. 19, 2018 • Good Day Sacramento


Dawn McCarthy is happy to remind us that the clock is ticking….so “Tick Tock-Let’s Holiday Shop”.


MyPetsies- Petsies are adorable handmade stuffed animals that are 100% based off photos of your pet! We can create a custom plush lookalike of any pet, big or small, past or present. Petsies are the most unique gift to give to a pet owner. They will love their huggable pet keepsake. Check out fun pics as well on their IG-Petsies, or go to  to order one for the holidays.



Lands End- It’s all about the Sherpa! The Women’s Flannel Sherpa Long Robe is just the piece you want to wear first thing in the morning, or settling in for the end of your day. Its long length is perfect for lounging, and men-you need to try our Sherpa Sweat Pant which has an extra layer of warm and cozy Sherpa fleece. Lastly-The Sherpa throw with reverse soft-as-silk faux mink —is as impressive as it feels.



VitaCup- Beauty Blend Infused Coffee with Collagen, Biotin, Cinnamon &Vitamins. You’re beautiful. Lets keep it that way. We have the new morning ritual to nourish your inner goddess by adding collagen and biotin along with select vitamins to help you support hair, skin and nails. Your beauty routine has never been easier (or more delicious!). These Keurig compatible pods are 100% recyclable and BPA free - plus they are soy free, dairy free, carb free, allergen free and made in the USA.



Burlington- is your holiday gift headquarters for everyone on your list, with up to 65% off other retailers’ prices. Burlington is home to more baby and toy brands than ever before. With everything you need, you’ll save a bundle for your little bundle!  Great brands, great savings, every




P.Ball- P.volve’s Founder, Stephen Pasterino, incorporates a variety of fitness equipment into his method, but what’s really unique and the ‘secret sauce’ to maximizing results in his workout method is the P.ball - a proprietary piece of equipment that Stephen purposefully designed to help activate muscles in stubborn female body parts - the upper inner thigh and lower butt. This revolutionary ball is held with elastic bands high between the thighs to activate hard-to-reach muscles in your core, glutes and thighs, for unbelievable tone and definition.


Go Go Squeez- Hanukkah: At Hanuakkah celebrations a tradition is to eat fried potato pancakes, called LATKES in Yiddish-  they are the most popular Hanukkah food. Emblematic of the olive oil that miraculously lasted eight days, latkes are a delicious way to tell the story of this eight-night holiday.... The latkes are always served with sour cream and applesauce on the side




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