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November we celebrate Thanksgiving, and I am very Thankful for many blessings in my life-especially my PAWSOME pup Josie. I would probably not be writing this 4 years ago-as I always loved animals, grew up with dogs, even owned a horse/Pony-but Josie has truly helped me look at things in a whole different light.  I truly didn't "get it" and in some ways ashamed to admit that.  I would tease my over the top dog/cat lover friends.... and now I am part of the crew! I now say-be careful when you make fun-God works in mysterious ways. I am one of those crazy, in love dog moms that shows people on planes pictures of my fur kid.  When asked if I have kids-I say yes-she has paws. I am not sure if it's my age, or that I always wanted kids, and it wasn't in the cards, but love having her for reasons I could list for days.


So why am I Thankful for Josie- First-she wakes me up everyday with a look of happiness and love-no better way to start a morning.  They say it's all in your attitude and waking up with the bundle of joy-starts my day off right. I also loves when she just makes me chill for 5 more minutes to just snuggle and pretend-lets continue to sleep in...My own snooze button.  I am Thankful for the many friends she has introduced me to in the neighborhood, and fur friends on Instagram! Yes-I have friends I probably would have never met or hung out with me-had I not had Josie.  We also chat everyday with friends all across the United States and abroad.  It amazes me how having a dog actually gets people to connect and talk to you.  If I take Josie to the bank with me-people of every age will ask me what type of dog she is, can I pet her, or tell me about their loved/beloved dog they have.  I even had one guy stop me to talk, and who had just lost his dog. Josie like always went over and sat on his feet to get love and he asked if he could hold her-I said sure, but she weights 17 lbs.  He picked her up, and she just put her head on his shoulder like she does with me like a kid.  His eyes watered up, and he just thanked me for making his day as he was missing his dog of 12 years. Had I not had Josie-I would have not met this man at Smart & Final, or been reminded of such a simple gesture.


I am not sure who wrote this, or I would credit them, but feel it's fitting for this month- I am thankful for paw prints on my floor, slobber kisses on my face, nose prints on my windows, dog hair on my clothes, and no room in my bed. I hope all my fur friends have a PAWfect Thanksgiving holiday with lots of treats, and a wonderful kick off to the Holiday season.


As always, rescue when PAWsible.


Dawn McCarthy


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Thankful for Josie,

Dawn McCarthy November 2018







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Dawn's Corner 2015 | All rights reserved

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